Waves of Emotion

  A lot of people find their way to therapy when they are feeling overwhelmed. Some people experience panic attacks or mood swings, irritability, challenges in relationships. And, in order to start feeling better, learning to identify and manage feelings is key. Water has long been a metaphor for feelings, so this concept isn't entirely … Continue reading Waves of Emotion

Chronic Illness and Holiday Travel

Having a chronic illness can make holiday visits with family and friends more challenging, especially when the visit requires travel. In part because travel usually means that the people you are going to see don’t know a lot about the day to day experience with your condition. And, in part because travel can turn the … Continue reading Chronic Illness and Holiday Travel

Chronic Coping

Living with a chronic illness can have any number of emotional effects, especially if you have an illness that medical providers and specialists are not able to explain. I have heard countless stories over the years of people who have experienced some kind of disregard from what I'll call the medical establishment. There are individual … Continue reading Chronic Coping

Giving Overload

Melody Beattie in her book, The New Codependency says that some of the traits that people call codependent are not inherently bad. It’s okay to help people, in fact, helping people can be rewarding and meaningful. Doing people favors is a great thing, it builds relationships. Caregiving can help us to feel needed, it can … Continue reading Giving Overload